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Welcome Aboard!

To all our newest members we are glad to have you and we have room for more!
You as ONAVY members are our greatest resource for recruiting. If you have friends wanting to join our clan speak with a recruiter or request to become a recruiter and help fill out our ranks.

Thank you for all you do to contribute in making ONAVY the best World Of Warships clan on the water.

Comments, Questions or Suggestions are all Welcomed and Encouraged!
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3 days ago Willy55_1955
Naval Battles: Clans Competition begins Monday, February 18, 2019.
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3 days ago pckrbkr (OmahaCheddar)
Something a little different I had to share. Just amazed me and made me realize that life is what you make it. ... atch?v=P6HEPPmcRgc

6th Feb BatRastardly
Jutland in Ranked
my comment there:This is a really well done video and I plan on sharing it on my clans' website. I was surprised to see that your build exactly matches mine, primarily in the use of RDF and skipping on AR. You also pointed out a big reason I enjoy this ship and that is being a skillful player. All the upgrades, modules, and skills count for little when you cannot hit what you are shooting at. If one does not learn to aim, things like BFT and AR only allow one to miss that much more! Your positioning was really good, and you picked your fights well. Perhaps the hardest to master element in DD play is being as aggresive as possible without taking it too far. It's a knife edge that a DD needs to push up to, go just a little too far your match is over. Well done, I hope you keep these videos coming.
Das Bat

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8th Feb BatRastardly
Perhaps the greatest cover of a folk song EVER!

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